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I had been living with extreme pain since the birth of my son back in 2007. I was seeing a GP at the time that wasn’t sure or wouldn’t commit to a diagnosis. Rather, she would put through countless tests trying to narrow down the possibilities. I have had numerous x-rays, MRI’s, EKG’s and CT Scans (to name a few) without as much as a diagnosis or progress toward a diagnosis. However, there was never a shortage of medications or pain pills thrown at me to ease the pain.
The frustration of never getting any actual help caused me to stop going to the doctor. The pain continued to get worse and could be incapacitating at times. I finally broke down and made an appointment with a new doctor. Needless to say, I didn’t get anywhere with the second doctor and moved on to a third doctor. I was quickly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I was put on Cymbalta.
I finally thought I had found some help as the pain started to ease for the first time in years. However, the relief didn’t last. The medication had its own side effects to deal with and I would have pain relapses that seemed worse than before. Luckily, real help was right around the corner!
My brother in law had been taking his infant son to Dr. Corey Sondrup and was seeing great results with his treatment. He suggested I make an appointment to see him. Desperate to try anything at this point, I made an appointment. When I arrived at my appointment, I began to feel nervous. I was thinking to myself, here we go again. “Another doctor to tell my story to” I thought. I didn’t want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed with the end result.
Although I was doubtful, I tried my best to go into the appointment with an open mind. As I sat with Dr. Corey and I explained the last five years and what I had been through, he calmly looked at me and matter of fact said he could help. After my treatment, I drove home feeling hopeful for the first time in years. Within three days the pain had disappeared. I woke up feeling normal and most importantly… PAIN FREE! Something I hadn’t experienced for quite some time. I kept waiting for the pain to return as it had before. I’m still amazed to this day that after one visit, I’m still living pain free a year later. Thank you Dr. Corey!

Jeanie P. -Layton, UT

After weaning my 5th child, I went out and bought a new regular bra.  Four months later, the bra was too big for me.  I had deflated to almost nothing.  I even bought pads to fill it in.  The thought of buying a smaller bra was somewhat depressing. Three months ago, I started receiving the breast toning homeopathic shots every other week.  My bra fits again!  Every now and then I have a weird feeling of my breasts filling up like I’m going to nurse again.  It’s a great feeling being able to feel my breasts toning and growing!  Thank you!

-Tyrena D. - Layton, UT


Julie's Story:
Dr. Corey is so much more than a "chiropractor" or even a "holistic chiropractor." He is an amazing human being who gives freely of his time and energy to others. Through his seminars, books and private sessions he offers healing advice and therapy that is unique and enduring.
My sons started seeing Corey several years ago. The first time, it was Hank, the middle of my three boys, who wanted his outlook adjusted because he kept crashing in ski races! It is so interesting to me now how very minor that issue really was. However, I think it seemed important at the time... Well, whatever Corey did to "fix" Hank, it worked and he had several successful finishes shortly after. Hank was hooked and wanted to keep seeing Dr. Corey. He was 12 at the time.
Fast forward 3 years. Hank was in a tragic car accident where he almost lost his life. Trapped in a car (that at one point caught on fire) for almost an hour due to a head-on collision, Hank was airlifted to the nearest hospital with a broken neck, open compound femur fracture, lacerated skull (TBI), a broken scapula and other lesser injuries. He suffered spinal cord damage and I was told he may never walk again. He spent hours in surgery and days in the ICU and many weeks in the children's hospital. One of the first things he asked for upon becoming alert was for Dr. Corey. Hank had been at a ski race in Mt. Hood so he was in a Portland hospital. I called Corey who immediately flew from SLC to Portland and spent three days tending to Hank while he was immobilized in his hospital bed. Through light therapy, muscle testing, gamma healing and whatever other magic he has up his sleeve, he was there for Hank. And, this care did not stop. Hank was flown home to SLC ten days later and spent 8 more weeks in the hospital. Although Corey lives about 30 miles away, he came to the hospital at least three times per week to see Hank. He never asked for payment or anything extra to cover his travel costs and time. He ALWAYS walked into the room with a smile and left with a hug. 
Whatever the reason for success, Hank's story is a "miracle." Hank is now walking and functioning at a high level. While he will never regain what he had prior to the accident, his recovery is truly and utterly remarkable. Hank had a lot to do with his own recovery through his sheer will and determination, and his positive attitude; but if you ask him the most important people along the journey, he says the following, "I credit my healing to mainly three people: Jan Black, my PT; Alan, a ski trainer; and Corey." While the first two focused only on his physical body, Corey worked on his spirit and the parts of our healing that most conventional doctors do not address. Hank's ability to visualize and his belief in what Corey was doing, created a winning combination.
My three children, my mother and I have all received treatments from Corey. He has a depth of understanding and a sense of compassion that defies words. Upon first meeting Corey, it's hard to imagine that inside this imposing figure is a deeply sensitive and caring energy healer. I would recommend Corey to anyone and I will always be grateful for his role in helping to heal my son.

-Julie Shipman -SLC, UT


I first started coming to Dr. Sondrup for female related issues. I was referred by my mother and I was extremely reluctant to go, but I had exhausted all my other options. After five sessoins, my female cycle was up and running smoothly. As an after thought, I had him address my security/vulnerablility issues. I've felt vulnerable and insecure my whole life. I've always felt the need to be covered with clothes or blankets at all times, and I've refused to put myself in vulnerable situations. Now I'm wearing shorts and sleeping with just a sheet on. I'm enjoying my bathing suit and unpredictable situations for the first time ever! Thanks Dr. Corey!

-Skyane J. 


Like most people my age, I am always looking for ways to help the natural aging process. However, I am not thrilled at the thought of invasive and radical methods that would require surgery and leave me looking unnatural. The Cosmetic Biomesotherpy procedure offered by Dr. Corey Sondrup was, for me, the perfect option to hinder the aging process and to restore my youthful appearance. 
I did the full body option which included face, neck, breast, stomach, and thigh injections. The needles were small and the injections were simple and fairly painless. The first round brought some pleasant changes, mostly in my breasts and stomach area. After the third visit, I began to notice a change in my face and thighs. At the end of the six weeks, my breasts are fuller and lifted to the point where I had to get a new bra. My rear end is lifted and I look much better in my jeans. My face is softer and more youthful looking, a change which others have noticed. I’m happy the results are noticeable but not shocking. I look naturally youthful and fit better in my clothes. The only negative side effects I can think of are the occasional bruise in the injection area. 
I would recommend this procedure for anyone who is interested in improving their appearance without drastic changes that leave you fake looking.

-Amanda K. 


My Daughter has struggled with Dyslexia and could not read until the age of 12 even then could not understand what she was reading. So she had never read a book her self. We saw Dr. Sondrup and two weeks to the day after her visit Katie read and understood and enjoyed and finished her first book of 300 pages. And since has had a book in her hand and thoroughly enjoying reading. This is miraculous! The heartache and struggle has turned in to joy and pried. Katie is so proud of herself.

- Laura K, Stansbury Park, UT 

One year before meeting Dr. Corey Sondrup I was experiencing sings and symptoms of severe depression and anxiety, and had recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Throughout this year I had tried multiple medical professionals for help. I saw two family practice doctors who put me on anti-depression and anti-seizure medications that only made me sick; I saw a counselor which helped alleviate the pain a little bit; I tried nutritional counseling and excise; multiple alternative modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique and Cranio Sacral Therapy; homeopathic remedies and Meridian Stress Assessment. While some of these things helped nothing got me anywhere near the level of health I was desperately seeking.
Personally I felt like my problem was rooted in emotional trauma from my past but the medical doctors wouldn’t listen to me and the people who did listen didn’t know how to fully help me. My relationship with my family and friends suffered severely, I could no longer find anything I enjoyed doing. I flirted with suicide many times and remember praying to god that I wouldn’t wake up in the morning. I had finally accepted the fact that I might deal with this the rest of my life; I felt completely hopeless.
Then I met Dr. Corey Sondrup. Within twenty minutes we had targeted all the emotional traumas that had triggered the depression and anxiety, minutes later Dr. Sondrup got my body to let go of them. Immediately after the session I felt loose and relaxed, no longer uptight or anxious. I began feeling good the very next day, better than I had felt for over a year. Two days after my appointment I was laughing with my friends again. In the following week I weaned myself off of my anti-depression medication, I was beginning to sleep through the whole night, my relationships with my family and friends were mending, I felt as though my personality had been given back to me, but most importantly I was feeling happiness and joy again, I literally got exponentially better every day. 
I was healed not in a year, not in a week, not in a day; I was healed in one 30 minute session with Dr. Sondrup. I literally owe my life, happiness and joy to him. I am still extremely impressed with my results I will always consult him first with any future health issues and will continue to recommend anyone with any ailment to visit him.

-Storie S., Ogden, UT 


In November 2008, a couple days before Thanksgiving, I had a L5 herniation. The pain was unlike anything elsa I had ever experienced. Sciatic pain down my right leg just wouldn't stop! It was unrelenting. I couldn't sit down or drive my car. My primary care physician sent to a neurosurgeon, who said i had no choice but to have back surgery." He read my MRI and said " there's the injury, black and white, you have no other option than surgery. He wanted to perform a " partial lamenectomy". I've heard the horror stories of back surgery and looked for another option. A friend of mine with a similar injury 3 year prior suggested i go see Dr. Corey Sondrup in Ogden. I was in so much pain, I Couldn't even drive my self to the first appointment. Immediately after my first appointment, I felt much better for about one hour. After the second appointment, I was better for about two hours, and eventually better for an entire day before the pain would return. This trend continued and 3 months later (6 total treatments) I was 99% better with NO surgery. Today, I am back to snow skiing and mountain biking. If had caved to the pain and had back surgery, I fear my active lifestyle would have come to an end. I'm only 39 years old and that would have been devastating. 
I highly recommend giving Dr. Sondrup a chance at helping you heal naturally before opting for intrusive back surgery that could be a domino effect for multiple surgeries and year of recovery.

-Bod G., Park City, UT 


I have suffered from migraine headaches for over 30 years. I have been to every type of doctor anyone has ever mentioned to me, without any success whatever. Then my medication, sanest, was taken off the market. I truly felt my life was over. I didn’t know what I was going to do; how I was going to live day by day. My daughter told me about Dr. Sondrup. I went to see him. Within about 11 visits, I was completely cured. It has been 4 ½ yrs and I have not had 1 migraine headache, Dr. Sondrup has truly saved my life. I have suffered from migraine headaches for over 30years. I have been to every type of doctor anyone has ever mentioned to me, without any success whatever. Then my medication, sanest, was taken off the market. I truly felt my life was over. I didn’t know what I was going to do; how I was going to live day by day. My daughter told me about Dr. Sondrup. I went to see him. Within about 11 visits, I was completely cured. It has been 4 ½ yrs and I have not had 1 migraine headache, Dr. Sondrup has truly saved my life

-Roberta B., Nephi, UT


When I met Dr. Sondrup at a seminar I was scheduled with a surgeon for rotator cuff surgery.  He introduced himself saying that the reason he was into this specific discipline is that he had learned surgery was NOT necessary for rotator cuff.  Two treatments later I was still a bit sore, but healed with no surgery (after 1/1/2 years of struggle, & physical therapy).   The rest is history. 
Now the U. of Utah hospital hemolytic department insists I see Dr. S. at least a couple of times per month.  These things do not take into consideration all the minor aging problems with hips, low back, even eye problems that Dr. Sondrup has addressed and handled for me.  I call him my voodoo doctor because I cannot describe to my friends his treatment…only THAT THEY WORK. THANK YOU DR. COREY S.  

View complete testimonial here.

So I go to the dr. yesterday. My ankle is swollen twice its size, they take more blood, call me later and say they want me to a specialist as soon as possible. My kidney, they say, is not working right and could shut down, that's why the water retention on only one side of my body. sodium level is too high, calcium level too low, triglycerides as high as before, bladder/kidney infection is back. They wanted to set me up with their specialist. I said I would get back with them, called you. Talked to Danny, he went up and was told that you had fixed the problem, that it would be 3-5 days, to wait. I call the dr. back and told them I was going to wait and see if it would get better. They weren't happy. But today I got up, it's now 10:46 my ankle is not swollen and my urine is clear instead of cloudy. No pain either. It's been 3 days as of today. You blow me away, can't describe how I feel about all this. It's overwhelming. Thank you favorite person!



After reading the testimonials on Corey's web site, I really wanted to try the Midas Touch. The day I got my first bottle, I sprayed it on my hands and deposited $20.00 in to my online casino account. An hour later, I chuckled to myself as I cashed out $500.00! Thanks Corey!

-Brady S., SLC,UT 


We moved to an apartment while we were building our new home. While we living in the apartment my son developed waking nightmares. Corey did his energy work and my son did not have one more waking nightmare after that.

-Matt H., South Jordan,UT 


My story is of dark depression and sadness. My story is one of how I was pulled from that dark place and how my life has changed. What Dr. Corey Sondrup has done for me...and my life..is nothing short of a miracle. 
One year,4 months,12 days ago my 26 year old son Dylan decided to take his own life. That was the worst day of my life, yet what was to come 13 months later was equally as bad. Dylan died on Nov.19,2006. The first 5 months are vague and blurred. The following months were tolerable, until Nov. came once again. I became depressed and by Jan.1 began getting sick. Day after day a new illness would manifest. The dr's. were baffled as the medications were ineffective and the anti-depressants they kept trying were having negative reactions, plus they just didn't know why all these things kept developing. I was put on short term disability at my job,and spent the next 5 weeks becoming more and more depressed. I was crying, I was sleeping, my thoughts were scattered, not leaving the house, getting dressed, cleaning, paying bills,never opening the blinds. I was a mere shell of a person, a zombie. I had become sadness,depression and misery. I figured there was no hope and soon I just began not caring if I were here or not. And I became scared of myself. 
And then, thanks to my husband and sister, I was convinced into attending a seminar given by a Dr. Sondrup. And even though I didn't expect to gain anything, there was something about Corey that caught my attention, something I could not pinpoint. He did some work on me at that seminar and that's where the miracle first began. I felt a change,..a will to change. For the next week, time after time, he would just pop into my head. It was strange,.strange because somewhere inside me I knew he was the answer. I finally made that appointment. 
When I walked into his office, I was a crying depressed shell of a zombie. When I walked out, I had a piece of myself restored, I had hope, I had faith. I cried on the way home. Some for my son, some for myself, but mostly because I had feelings and life again. I had courage and strength to fight. I woke up the next day a different person. I wasn't sick, I wasn't crying, I wasn't depressed. It was a miracle. I swear it..on my life ..I was different. When I went to work, other people noticed.Some couldn't believe the change, some asked me what had happened, some even said I looked years younger. My theta instructor was taken back ,asking "what did you do" Well ..I went and saw Corey Sondrup.. is what I said. 
I would like to share where I am at today, March 30,2007. I have been seeing Dr. Corey for 2 months on regular bases. Just a fraction of what he has changed for me is he has removed many negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with positive. He has cleared away the PTSD I carried for years,The self condemnation is much better, The need to sit on my porch night after night looking for Dylan is a thing of the past. He's okay. I know it,believe it, feel it. I have peace and serenity. I have extreme humility and gratitude. I will never again go to a dr. who tells me all the things that are "wrong" with me and throws me a happy pill,Instead I listen to Corey's meditation CD's and they work better than any pill. I can laugh and am so much happier now. 
For all Corey has done for me-I thank him, He will forever be in my heart. I do know he is a messenger from God.

-Jean R., Brigham City 


I have a couple of stories, I would like to share with you. I went to the coffee shop a couple of weeks ago, and as the ladies and I were conversing I mentioned the Midas Touch.  I explained to them what to do as they were to spray this on.  I went back a couple of days later and the lady received a $7.00 tip that day. 
My son turned 21 March 2,.  So we decided to go to Wendover.  My in-laws were going as well.  We were sitting at some 25 cent machines and I pulled out the Midas touch.  My sister in-law said she wanted some to.  She held her hand out, I sprayed.  All of the people on the trip that sprayed the Midas Touch came back winners.  I won a $1800.00 Jackpot, My husband was up about $600.00, one son came back with $1100.00, my other son came back with $1200.00, and my sister in law cashed in with $1600.00.  It was a fun trip.

-Shirley A. 


I am a hypnotherapist and theta healer. I took Corey's class on Power touch and it magnifies what I do 100%. I use the Gamma method in conjunction with the hypnosis and theta method and this method allows the body to actually feel the shift on the conscious level. 
Corey worked with me on an issue that I had been working with for 35 years over the death of my dad and he pinpointed the areas of my body in which I was holding that grief and cleared them. I felt an immediate change in my body energy. Since my class with him, I have cleared a lot of fear and guilt around my father's death and have been able to move forward with my own happiness making my goal achievement easier. I now use this technique on my clients when I use the Theta Hypnosis and the change is felt immediate. My clients are in awe of this shift as well. Corey method's have made me a success with my clients. 
Corey is an awesome teacher. He gets real about the himself and the technique. Corey is indeed a true jewel to the healing field. No bells and whistles, just technique. Thank you Corey for sharing your abilities and your knowledge so freely. I am looking forward to your certification program.

-Mary S.

Just wanted to thank you and give you a heads-up about the progress of my mother, Deon R.  She had cataract surgery on her eye, which was not doing well at all.  She was so nervous about losing her eyesight in that eye entirely.  After seeing you this last time ( which tested that she had a leakage in her eye and you corrected) her next follow-up proved that her eye was much, much, much, better and with glasses she will have 20/20 vision. Thank you again.

-Jana J.  Mantua, Ut 
PS. She is improving with her parkinson's as well. 

I am Brittany J., and I would like to share a little of my story with you.  I am 22 years old, and had been serving as a missionary for my church in Chile . After a few weeks of being bitten to death with fleas, lice, and all kinds of bugs I began to get quite sick.  I was sent to many of the top physicians in Chile ; there I had many different tests done.  After many different consulting sessions with the physicians I was told that I had a herniated disc in my lower back.  I attended Physical therapy 3 times a week where I would exercise, along with the help of a muscle stimulator, and hot and cold packs.  I continued with this therapy for 6 months, without much relief.  In fact I became worse I went from only having back pain to totally being numb on the left side of my body from head to toe along with consistent pain in my back.  It got to the point that I became bed ridden. My church had decided that they were going to send me back home to the USA for back surgery.  Upon arriving home I was sent to orthopedic surgeons and Neurologists again they repeated many different tests which all came back negative for a herniated disc, which was the problem that I had original been diagnosed with from the physicians in Chile.  So once again I was sent to have even more testing done, which included a nerve conductive study that showed I had lost 20-25% of my nervous system on my left side.  But they were unable to explain why, so they sent me for a spinal tap.  The results of the spinal tap showed that I had a parasite in my spinal column which was giving me all of my problems.  I was told that there was no cure or medications that could help me.  The only advice I was given was to try and live as much as a stress free life as possible, this would help keep the parasite from flaring up and causing more damage to my nervous system. 
Well one of our family's dear friend Heather suggested that I go see Dr. Corey Sondrup in Ogden. I thought what could it hurt I am willing to try anything at this point I just wanted my life and body back to normal and to be out of the pain I was in.  Upon my first visit with Dr. Sondrup we spoke and I explained what symptoms I was experiencing and what the physicians had told me.  From there Dr. Sondrup began to work his magic.  After the first visit I was told I do have a parasite but that I also had a fungus in my body.  I was given some herbal pills to start taking and that he wanted to see me back in a week.  I continued to see Dr. Sondrup on a weekly basis, and every week I was in less and less pain, and more of my feeling was coming back into my body.  Before I knew it the Parasite and fungus was gone, I no longer was in pain and had my feeling back.  Thanks to Dr. Sondrup’s magic touch I have my health back, when no one else believed it was possible Dr. Sondrup did and I will be ever grateful to him and for this miracle.

-Brittany J.  Layton, UT. 

I met Corey on a Friday in Dec 2006 in San Francisco . I was living in a dark state of mind, not seeing life clearly, and confused immensely. On April 6, 2006 I had a 'home invasion' where I was beaten, strap tied, beaten some more, robbed, and left to die, which the 'bad guys' who did this to me thought I was dead. My life was in a fog after this event. I had also gotten out of one bad relationship and went right into a worse relationship. My life was an emotional and physical wreck.  
Corey was at a seminar in San Francisco for a weekend and since I live in Monterey , CA it was the perfect opportunity for me to meet him. I was very skeptical to meet him. My sister was persistent that I go and so I went.  
As soon as Corey touched me he could 'feel' how bad my life was. Corey worked on me Friday night and I felt a change that I wasn't sure though, what I was feeling or what was going on with me. Then Sat. while Corey was on his lunch break, he worked on me again. When Corey was done with his second session with me, I felt different. My head was clear - I could see past my black mass I was in. I felt I had a new life with a whole new outlook. I could see the self-destructive mood I was in, I could see beyond my turmoil. Everything was going in circles in darkness before Corey, and I had light and vision when I left Corey.  
My life continues to get better. It is hard for me to explain to people the change that took place that weekend for me in my life after meeting Corey. But people could see a change in my appearance, attitude, and a new direction I was headed in.  
I have grown spiritually since that weekend in SF. I didn't believe in God and now I know there is a God and seek for positive situations to happen in my life.  
Thank you for my new outlook on life. I can only say positive feelings for my experience with Corey. 

-Richard C.  Monterey, CA. 

I want to take this moment to let you guys know that you are special. I look back 4 and 1/2 years when I met Corey J. Sondrup and Angela who work together. You worked with me because of gout. I was real close to getting a wheel chair, it was so painful. Right off, he knew that I had other problems, my stomach. He worked on my head which I had a head operation. He would work so I could function well. He work with my leg it works well. Very little pain, he gave me a diet to go by. I can straighten my leg out. He has good skills and talent in his program. I like the way he conducts his self and office.

-Darlene H. SLC, UT.

I met Corey about 7 years ago. I had been coughing for a few months and every time I tried to talk I would start to cough. Corey found I had gotten mold into my system. He worked on me, using mostly kinesiology, for nearly 2 hours. When I left his office I was 95% better. He has helped me several times since then, also. One time I had the flu really bad and he got rid of it for me in 1/2 hour. He has helped me more than all the other doctors I ever been to combined.

-Naoma M. Ogden, UT.

In just a few visits with Dr. Sondrup, my daughter has not had an asthma attack in over a year and is no longer dependant on her steroids or inhalants. My other daughter has suffered from a pituitary growth hormone deficiency. After a 4 or 5 visits with Dr. Sondrup her blood growth hormone levels became normal. Where before the growth hormone was a zero and she is starting to grow.

-Sheri J. Ogden, UT.


Book Testimonials

In Mastering Life’s Lessons, Dr. Corey Sondrup teaches you to simply and powerfully free your subconscious mind’s limiting belief programs. The natural by-product of 
this process will empower you to experience the power of the infinite universe and your infinite mind.

-Dr. Darren Weissman, best selling author of The Power of Infinite Love

When physical issues crop up, we all long for a way to honor our body's wisdom and to deal with them on our own. Dr. Sondrup's new book is a gift that offers just that - understanding and wisdom that nudge us toward a healthier life - body, mind and spirit.

-Joan Steffen Brandmeier, Emmy award winning journalist and author of. . . and she sparkled


Reclaiming Your Power

I just finished your book. I loved it!!!! I just put your information (web site) out on several healing web sites I go to. I feel everyone needs to read your book. I called it My Life Manual. Just like you have one for your car, etc....LOL Thanks again for coming up on Friday. Everyone was amazed on how they felt afterwards. 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and the world,    -Jan



Below is a small sampling of what people are saying about our seminars: 


Overcoming Energy Vampires & Other Negative Energies (11/12/11 Brigham City, UT)

I love attending these seminars.  I learn so much each time.  I think that the techniques are invaluable and very user-friendly.  I feel like I can put the techniques into practice after walking out the door.  It’s as complex or as simple as you want to make it.  These classes are so much fun and I really love the positive energy and connection that I experience with each class.  Thank you.  

-Lexey Gianfilippo (Morgan, UT)


 I extremely enjoyed this seminar!  It taught me more ways to heal through unconditional love.  Dr. Corey is a great man and has shown, as well as taught, me compassion.  I enjoy going in to see him because he always clears me of whatever is driving me crazy in life.  I recommend this seminar to anyone.  I also recommend seeing him as a patient. 

-Lance Kotter (Plain City, UT)


 Corey has helped in areas where others couldn’t and where most didn’t even know where to start. 

-Marty Rawson (Ogden, UT)


 Awesome seminar.  Thank you this new material on overcoming the negative energies.  Can’t wait to put this info to work.  Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge to help me in my life. 

-Nadene Lester (Evanston, WY)


 I really like the whole process.  The result of the first couple GAMMA zaps left me laughing uncontrollably for no obvious reason.  I loved the feeling that was attached with seminar.  

-Julie Hill (Ogden, UT)


All the things I needed to know and understand.  I finally have my freedom back!  

-Douglas Buck (Perry, UT)


I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.  The demonstrations just reinforced all the educational materials Dr. Corey taught.  I will definitely attend future seminars.  

-Christin Hargis (Ogden, UT)


Wonderful experience.  I learned a lot.  Opened up a new window to life. 

-Scott Jackson (Layton, UT)


When we did the 5 Element Balance I was finally able to connect my feelings with a very bad memory and release it.  It was one I’d been working on for many years unsuccefully.  

-Donna Sewell (Taylorsville, UT)


New Hope, Minnesota Seminar August 2011


This weekend proved at a deeper level that "healing is truly simple."  It takes "ego" out of the equation.  Presence-Compassion-Intent and Love = moves mountains and assists the human body to come into balance.

-Bekki Davis


After one treatment for sleep disturbance, I slept very soundly and woke fully rested.  The seminar provided great techniques for multiple issues & ways to effectively & efficiently clear them.  Thanks Corey!

-Judith Aufenthie


Brigham City, Utah Seminar April 2011


Loved this class.  Will learn and incorporate it.

-Debbie Furse


The experience of Dr. Sondrup enlightens the confusing dark places of the Soul. I shout for joy everytime I learn a new "reality shift" from him! Then he teaches me to furthur enlighten myself & those I dearly love - even those who at times seem "difficult" in my life. 

-Anne Dodgson-Vineyard


First time in taking one of Corey's seminars and I feel like I have a new perspective for myself, my life, and for those I love!  A ton of knowledge to help self and others!

-Jennifer Silva


This is the first seminar like this I have attended and it went way beyond my expectations.  I cannot wait until I can start practicing it and using it daily.

-Leesa Valdez 


Edina, Minnesota Seminar Feb. 27th & 28th 


Thanks so much for the time and energy you’ve given to teach the seminar! I grew so much in my knowledge and confidence of applying the Gamma techniques this will be such a great tool for sharing love and wellness with others. Looking forward so much to Nov. seminar to expand my competence and experience! God Bless.

-Ashlie Montana, MN


Thank you for letting me jump into experience your seminar! I really appreciate all the knowledge and technique you shared with us. I feel truly equipped and ready to use my gifts to benefit myself and others. I understand better all that Dr. Diana has been teaching me and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book and your book to come in the winter time! I look forward to seeing you again and learning more at your next seminar! Blessings! 

-Allisen Montana, MN


An incredible workshop! Empowering, useful, and easy to implement. Life changing and fun to do. I highly recommend Dr. Corey’s Gamma Workshop. 

-Mary J. Kratz, Stillwater, MN


Watching Dr. Corey, it was easy to discern that he was thoroughly capable and accurate with his demonstrations of the content. It was easy to have faith in. 

-Brynn Scherger Sologuk, Saint Paul, MN


This seminar was so empowering! I feel like I was given the tools I needed to be control of my life. I feel like I was given practical hands on learning what he was teaching. The instructor was approachable, helpful, and generous of his time and gifts I feel more whole and integrated with my beliefs! 

-JaNae M. Westrich, Saint Paul, MN


I was thrilled with the weekend, the shifts were amazing and I know this will only bring excellent things for me! Thank you so much, Dr. Corey. 

-Linda Schmit, Stone Lake, WI


This seminar is fabulous to clear oneself of trapped thoughts and emotions. Gives me a freedom that everyone needs to go on in life. A feeling of completeness. 

-Adrea McDaniel, Minnetrista, MN


Totally empowering! Thank you Corey for sharing your passion and gifts with us. Be Blessed. 

-Junie Aune, North Saint Paul, MN


Ogden Seminar Feb. 5th & 6th 


Wow, what an incredible experience. The class is well worth your time and money! Packed with information, usable, applicable now. Dr. Sondrup makes the class, fun and comfortable. The camaraderie of the participants helped you walk away with new friends. Life changing, highly recommend! Go! Your family, friends, clients and yourself will thank you. 

-Leiann King, Elsinore, UT


This has been another wonderful Gamma 1&2 seminar. It has been life-changing again. This is, in my opinion, a seminar that every healer and child of God needs to take and apply in their lives and/or practices. Thank you very much Corey.

-Dr. Adam Arp, Orem, UT


Excellent! Mountain of knowledge you are! I really enjoyed the ease of the seminar. The information was presented in a way that was easily understood and absorbed. I will incorporate these concepts into my life and with my friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you!

-Jamie Sorensen, So. Ogden, UT


Very fun class learned lots of things that can help me with my body an mind most of all just trusting yourself and believing in the power of love, happiness and laughter.

-Ben Sorensen, So. Ogden, UT


Thank you for sharing. The people and environment were so helpful and supportive.

-Monika Nygaard, No. Ogden, UT


Of the many seminars I have taken this was the class that brought it all together for me in a simple easy to follow method. Dr. Sondrup has a lot of passion for what he does and it shows in has enthusiasm for the class setting as well. It was a very light, fun feeling class with tons of very good, useful information that you can start using right away. Thank you!

-Annette Lowe, Fruit Heights, UT


I’ve done cranial sacral work for 20yrs. and I’ve done many workshops. I feel Dr. Corey’s seminar taught me how to tie it in all the seminars together, faster w/out all the drama. It was a very effective and got to the core in a much faster way than I’ve done in the past. 

-Andrea Carver, Fruit Heights, UT


Wonderful! Gamma is easy, exciting and effective. Dr. Corey Sondrup is an excellent health care provider. 

-Terry Nelson, Ogden, UT


When both conventional and alternative medicine had failed to provide the healing answers I was seeking for my 5 year old son, I found Dr. Corey. I thought the appointment was only for my son, bUT with in the first 5 minUT es of the appointment I was in tears and realizing that it was not only my son that needed healing, bUT myself and my whole family. That day was aboUT 3 months ago. Since that time, we have all had appointments w/ Dr. Corey and are continually experiencing greater love, abundance, and harmony with in our family and home. Dr. Corey was a God-send to us bless you, and much gratitude!

-Kimberly Witt & family, Tooele, UT


The seminar was very explanatory, fun, and enlightening. It was interesting and contagious to be involved in the group exercises. Dr. Corey used me as a demo for the group and worked on my head/chest cold. I seemed to cough less shortly after the session. I currently see Dr. Corey for my rheumatoid arthritis in my knees. I have made leaps of improvement is mobility and decreased in pain. I recommend the seminar to anyone who wants to fulfill their interest in theta/gamma treatments I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. 

-Merri Richmond, Layton, UT


For the first time in my life I feel Hope. When I came to see Dr. Sondrup I was at my last straw., I didn’t want to even live, I was Drowning in depression and hopelessness. After the energy healing I see it working in my life and I find I really can be happy and fulfill my mission in life. I feel like I’m becoming the person I knew was inside of me wanting to come out.

-Laura Kleinman, Stansbury Park, UT


“Amazing healing as an individually and as a group”. I have learned new ways to live a happy, healthy, and more fulfilling life, illness free.

-Desica Willard, So. Ogden, UT


Orem Seminar Nov. 20th &21st 


Thank you, Dr. Corey Sondrup for the great work that you are doing and teaching us. I learned how to do some very deep healing in a very simple way. I am excited for the work that was done on me. Now, I feel like I can move forward and be successful. This is a life changing seminar. Every healer needs to take this. Thank you so much. 

-Adam Arp, D.C., Orem, UT 


The clearest; simplest; most profound changes I am aware of is my teenage daughter who was dealing with some extreme issues, but “didn’t want people in her head.” Using the gamma technique she was able to maintain her sense of privacy and boundaries and clear the issue that had been tormenting her so long. She is a much happier, open, well-balanced young adult. Thank you! 

-Dorthy Guinn, Brigham City, UT


Dr. Corey Sondrup’s method of energy balance has helped bring more peace into my life. He has a gift to help with pain management. I do not suffer from chronic pain but I am an athlete and get minor aches and pains from lifting weights. Dr. Sondrup has helped me with deeper emotions that have caused imbalance in my life. 

-Anige Fisher, Farmington, UT


The seminar was fantastic. The techniques where so simple to learn, I could start implementing them immediately. The impact will have are my ability to restore health, peace and spirit to my family and friends in priceless. 

-Selena Harris, Heber, UT


The class was wonderful. I learned more that I even expected attending this seminar. Thank you! 

-Herena Salabery, SLC, UT


It was wonderful. This is the extra knowledge I have needed in my life. I will now manifest a new intention to find ways to use this in my life to help others. Thanks for sharing. 

-Lisa Pantone, Huntsville, UT


I loved it. Thanks for all you have done to simplify this method and make it useable. 

-Susan Harding, Roy, UT

Dr. Sondrup seminar on Gamma 1&2 was awesome. I was so excited to know how easy it is to work with the energy in the body and just by adding love, kindness, and joy in our lives makes a difference in our healing ability. 

-Nadene Lestere, Evanston, WY


Brigham City Seminar August 21st &22nd 


This seminar was a great introduction to achieving and maintain optimal health; the hands-on experience with every technique was great. If you think your not so sure about going to one of these seminars, well, think no further. It is so easy to understand how the mind, body, and sprit works to achieve optimal health (it is the coolest thing ever - a natural way we can all heal).

-Cathy Dorram, Layton, UT


Great atmosphere very supportive. This is the most fun I have had learning and playing with Gamma and other modality.

-Christopher Smith, SLC, UT


My husband’s back is pain free for the first time in 35 years. And that began after the first session. The class was great. I think it’s awesome he shares so much in a simple-to-understand way.

-Donna Sewell, Taylorsville, UT


Thanks for the workshop! You have given me a new tool to help people have a joyful life. I look forward to integrating this into the work I do.

-Arden Compton, Brigham City, UT


Wow, this class has helped me integrate and simplify such a complex idea of doing energy work.

-Mark Dudley, D.C., SLC, UT


I am so excited for the weight release protocol, and the changes that I can now feel vibrating in my body. I enjoy the class where everyone has knowledge and healing talent they bring.

-Crystal Walker, Brigham City, UT


Excellent workshop and information. Well worth the trip here from So. Cal to learn these techniques and processes I will be setting up several appointments for my local family members to come and see you privately.

-Edwin Peterson, San Diego, CA 


Dr. Sondrup has positively affected me and my whole family. I appreciate the Gamma training I have received and hope to utilize it in my energy work. Thank you so much.

-Amanda K., Brigham City, Utah 


*Practitioner Testimonial: Being a natural healer... it has been a beautiful thing to heal myself, my most wonderful experience with this work is working energetically long distance on a cancer patient- His mom whom I am close friends with. Just never got around to asking him if I could work on him. Started doing the work and just putting it out there for him to accept or reject, that day he had had blood work done and no white cells registered within 3 days his count was up to 7, the dr.’s were looking for an 8. Awesome. 

-Janel H.
Ogden, Utah 


Level 3 was an awakening awareness for me in I learned about dual belief systems.  I can believe a positive and the polarized negative at the same time.  No wonder I have felt like I have been running in circles.  I am excited about the processes that allow me to dig deep and be able to lovingly cleat these issues.  As a facilitator I am grateful that the processes allow me to facilitate balance in my client through love, compassion, and kindness.  I am grateful to not be engaged in their drama or chaos.  Thank you for your wisdom and willingness to teach!

-Crystal W. 
Brigham City, Utah


I really enjoyed the seminar Corey has very practical explanations.  The seminar hand on practice with Corey and the other people in the seminar was awesome. I really feel like I’ve learned something that I can really use in my personal life and my own practice.

Ogden, Utah 


Please know what a blessing you have been to our family.  I’m thrilled to know you are taking your gifts of healing to the masses.  I have great faith that our family will be a stronger team by using Power Touch Dynamics.  May you always be blessed to continue to allow miracles to flow through you to others? 

-Lorraine R. Clark
Lehi, Utah


A great class the most favorite one I’ve ever had.  It taught me many useful and practical things anyone could benefit from it. Dr. Sondrup is also a very good portiere and confidant teacher.  He’s been generous to share with us so much if his great work and tools.

- Vanessa Madsen
Lehi, Utah


I wanted to thank Dr. Corey for sharing this amazing technique with us.  I always wanted the gift of being bale to heal someone with just my touch.   I know that I have found it by taking Dr. Corey’s class.  I have used it several times since the class Sunday and I have had wonderful results.

-Jan Olsen
Franklin, Idaho


Minnesota July 13, 2008


It was awesome to have a treatment, I felt immediate relief. There were issues that I’ve struggled with. I felt like it got to the core of some of my issues. I’m confident that I will continue to heal with your techniques. You were an angel in my life this weekend.

-Catherine Mullaney
Woodbury, MN 


I had a great experience learning and practicing, with the simplistic but detailed protocol that you have created. Thank you for all of your life experience and studies that have blessed you with this wisdom. I love having a space where children of God are gathered to do good and heal each other.

-Evonne T. Bak
Deephaven, MN 


Not only did I learn more in class than anticipated, I was treated by Dr. Sondrup and have totally lost the neck pain I have struggled with for months.

-Connie Weiler
Auburndale, WI 


I have attended many seminars and workshops, and I rate this one at the top! Corey (Dr. Sondrup) is not only an expert teacher, but also a wonderful human being. His warmth and enthusiasm make the learning easy and fun. The information is going to provide me with new ways to address my clients’ needs. Thank you for your amazing offering

-Leigh Ostrander, M.A.L.P.
Minneapolis, MN 


This course covers the best of the rest. If you don’t have the time and/or money to take ten other courses…..take this one. Dr. Corey has combined the best and most powerful aspects from all ten and combined it into one easy-to-use technique. I’m using it already.

-Ryan Roos
Minneapolis, MN 


The class was very enlightening. I liked the casual atmosphere. The hands on attention and treatments were great. The experience was life changing for me. It’s going to change my personal life (health, etc.) and my professional direction. Corey is a great communicator, teacher, healer, and person. I’m looking forward to learning more from him. Thank you so much. 

-Cheryl Lindsay
Minneapolis, MN 


I am grateful for Dr. Sondrup’s investigation, study, and his willingness to share his findings and passion. His lessons are well explained and easy to follow. I know I walk away with an abundance of tools for the practice of healing others and myself. I will attend every seminar available to me. Thank you.

-Sasha Johnson
Rosemount, MN 


The idea that I can reach into my subconscious and reprogram it is awesome! Dr. Corey, you were down-to-earth, inspiring, helpful, and best of all; you left me with tools to live my life better and the belief that I can get past the stumbling blocks I’ve been behind for years. Thank you!

-Joan Brandmeier
Edina, MN 


Since having a stroke over four and a half years ago, my left eye has had ongoing inflammation and infection. After clearing this yesterday, today is the first day I have waken up and my eyelashes were not stuck together. A lot of the redness had also cleared away. The pain and irritation is mostly gone and the blurry vision has cleared. My gratitude is huge.

-Judy Beenken
Nora Springs, IA 


I attended your Power touch and Gamma Brain Wave class.  Your class was so fun.  The way you presented the material made it easy to absorb and retain.  I have completed classes in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Theta healing.  I have to say that I learned so much from your class.  I can see where each of the modalities that I have studied apply in and to Power touch.  My daughter attended your class as well and she was amazed at how much she learned not have taken any other classes prior.  I am excited to integrate your techniques.  It's so easy and fast.  Your technique works like magic.  When you shifted energy in my back using Gamma I was truly amazed at how easy and fast it worked. 
Thank you for all you do and all the learnings. 

-Shirley A. Orem,UT


This had it all, wonderful experience with a great instructor. Thanks Corey for all you did for me during this class and for all your amazing knowledge.

-Melinda L. Orem,UT


I loved the class. It resonates so close to my understanding of knowing we have the ability to help ourselves and share energy with each other to bring more peace to the world. It is wonderful to have a practioner as you are that can continually maintain a loving neutral energy.

-Tami D. Layton,UT


Awesome - If I had known the impact I would have brought some others with me to have enjoyed the benefits

-Jolene F. Layton, UT


Excellent - I have received a powerful gift. Thank you!

-Linda M. Ogden, UT


Wonderful and amazing! So grateful to have this training, for self healing, healing my family and it will make my job so much easier. Thank you! Thank you!

-Kim P. Hooper, UT


Loved it - Thanks for all your time, learning, and grace at sharing with us!

-Sue Ann C. Perry, UT


The technique in timely - been waiting for it. "Change" is smoother in this method. Nice interspersion of subjects.

-Rita T. Ogden, UT