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Natural Approaches for ADD/ADHD

Children make up a good percentage of my patient base.  The most common complaints I deal with regarding children are ADD/ADHD and additional learning issues such as dyslexia.  The traditional treatment of choice in dealing with these issues is medicating the child.  In my experience, meds merely masks their symptoms and usually turns the children into zombies.

In my office, I have found six common variables that lead to a child being labeled with ADD/ADHD.  1- A crappy diet where the child is eating too many carbohydrates and refined sugars and not enough protein an fat.  2- The child’s brain is suffering from sensory overload because the right brain and left brain are not working together.  3- Lack of parental discipline. 4- Typically the child is highly intelligent and the school system or teacher is not able to handle the child.  As a result, the child becomes bored.  5- The child is has too much pent of energy that has not been properly released through sports or exercise.  And 6- The child suffers from a food allergy usually wheat, dairy, or corn.

An underlying component of children bouncing all over the place is an underlying blood sugar imbalance, i.e. hypoglycemia.  The American diet is overloaded with carbohydrates and sugar in the form of grains, starches and refined sugar.  To remedy this situation, I put not just children but all of my patients on the Paleo or Primal Blueprint diet or a combination there of.  Essentially, we function better if we eat like our pre-historic ancestors did.  The bulk of our diets should be protein, non-starchy vegetables, higher levels of healthy fats in the diet and moderate levels of fruit, nuts, seeds and berries.  Grains, starchy veggies/tubers, and dairy should be kept to a minimum or avoided all together.  This flys in the face of the current government food guidelines but the government is wrong about diet and nutrition.  If you want to be sick, follow the government food pyramid.
If you want to start your children off right for the day, send them to school with a breakfast loaded with protein and fat such as bacon & eggs, sausage & eggs ,or an omelet.
In addition to proper diet, I will also test to see if the child needs extra omega 3’s n their diet.  Extra EPA & DHA, the main omega threes greatly improve focus and concentration.

If the child’s brain is not functioning at optimal levels, I frequently perform a brain integration technique from the Neurolink system.  Neurolink is a natural technique based out of New Zealand.  The main premiss behind Neurolink is to get the brain and body working together.  The brain integration protocol does wonders for ADD/ADHD.

Often times with ADD/ADHD the child gets labeled with this disorder because mom and dad are not working together as a team to properly discipline
the child.  Or if there is a single patent situation, the parent gets overwhelmed and gives in to the child.  Which in the long run is detrimental to the child.  Proper discipline and follow-through are a must so the child does not divide and conquer.

With most children labeled with ADD/ADHD, they are highly intelligent.  Problems can arise at school if a teacher is burned out or has an I.Q. lower than the child.  When this happens, the child will frequently either disengage from class participation or disrupt the class all together.  To remedy this, the parents may need to move the child to a better suited teacher or consider private school or additional tutoring outside the school.  Another thing to consider is to determine the primary way the child learn.  People in general learn primarily visually, auditory, or kinesthetically (feeling) or a combination of the three.  Having the child tested to determine their primary mode of learning and then having the school system accompany the child’s mode of learning can go a long way.

A big issue tied to the ADD/ADHD label is inactivity.  Recess has been whittled away over the years.  What we see in the classroom, especially boys is pent of energy.  Get the child involved in sports.  I frequently recommend martial arts.  Martial arts provides excellent physical activity, discipline, self confidence, and mental focus.  Kids need to let off steam.  Let them run.

And lastly, food allergies are a biggie when it comes to balancing out the brain.  The most common food allergies I see in the office are corn, dairy, and wheat.  Food additives and colorings will also cause a problem.  The easiest way to test the child for allergies and sensitivities is to have a holistic chiropractic physician or medical doctor that uses muscle testing (kinesiology) to determine which foods are causing the child’s problem and have them eliminated from their diet.

I encourage parents to think twice before considering putting their children on prescription medication.  Especially since there are so many wonderful natural approaches for helping their children.


Dr. Corey

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